Using AsmGofer under Windows 95/NT

This information is only relevant if don’t use the unix environment cygwin for Windows 95/NT.

Compiling AsmGofer

AsmGofer can be compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ version 5.0. Tcl/Tk version 8 should be installed on the machine. The directory NTProject in the AsmGofer distribution contains the workspace for the Developper Studio.

Starting AsmGofer

The AsmGofer system can be used with different preludes. A prelude defines the basic functionality and consists of different modules. The modules are part of the AsmGofer distribution (the preludes not). The preludes can be created in a unix environment (see documentation in the distribution). We can send you the preludes if you have no access to a unix environment.

The start script Bin/asmgofer can only be used in a unix environment with sh-Shell. In case of Windows 95/NT you can use the batch file Bin/gofer.bat. You have to adopt the file according to your local installation.